Thursday, November 5, 2009

like soot cleared from the chimney

tar from the lungs
remove the residue from the heart

the moments of pain and dissapointment that linger and flare up now and again
sweep the hall way of heart and dust away all the cobwebs of

unfulfiled promises and broken dreams

disassemble the expectation machine

and toss away every last nut and bolt

we've made it this far and there is no going back

not even for a visit

there is only here now

and like a river discharging into Ocean

the only way to be is flow

there is no one to generate new desire

so the old desires stored in the heart will have to play out

moving the body here and there

but we know beyond a shadow of a doubt

that we are not the body

so this residue will be the cause of past karmas

but no new karmas will be created

if we do the required dusting every day

no build up

no cover up

no denial

honesty, integrity, courage

this is the nature of being pure heart

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