Sunday, October 4, 2009

you say you surrender

hos can it be so

the one speaking imagines that it has a choice

life chooses to reveal itself

there is nothing you can do

even the effort you make is life making the effort

who can say; i surrender, the shadow on the wall?

who does the work, life does

so where is the question of process or surrender or realization

it is only in the one who claims its existence

but life makes no claims, life flows effortlessly

if you find yourself making plans for tomorrow

it is a good indication that life letting you feel like the doer

and so what

let it

trust that you will feel like you are the doer until you don't

all the actions that are prepared for you will happen

regardless of what you have to say about them

so take a step back from your process and see where life is pointing to Itself

such a mysterious is this Grace

which comes like a slight breeze of simplicity

in an unexpected way

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