Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wisdom School

pontificating bafoons, hear ye this battle cry-

lecturing spoons feeding innocent minds with dribble drabble,

do diservice to our youth!

fill not these ripe minds with regurgitated ideas- half baked

with worldy bondage and historical illusions,

but open up the fountain that springs from within!

Teach these eager birds to spread their wings and fly-

and teach themselves that they are the Eternal Teacher

come to this life to live!

Not memorize theories and quearies irrelevant to their heart.

Build a school that teaches who the doer, the seer, the knower is,

and let That One marvel us with new ways to create, share, and express.

We ask our children to spend 13 years in a graveyard full of useless facts,

when a Sage studies for 12 years and attains Liberation.

We could be turning out 18 year old saints from every one of our schools,

instead of 18 year old cogs in a deflated wheel.

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