Thursday, October 1, 2009

this i say to you
who truly want to be free
give up all that you think you know for certain
erase your personal interests
and demonstrate detachment in the face of all circumstances
you can not pass through the eye of the needle while holding concepts and predispositions
you must strip down beyond naked
even your skin and bones are too thick
even your personality
even you soul
your mind
even if you have but one thought
you will not fit
even your heart will block your way
if you are to pass thru this eye
there is but one quality to develop
and once this has truly been demonstrated repeatedly in understanding
through the specific test that come to youo
then you must detach yourself from detachment
and give up wanting to go through this eye at all
for there is no one who passes thru and lives to tell about it
for what is there to say
what claim can be made by one who can't remember not ever being on the other side
practice steady indifference to blame and praise
that is all there is

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