Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i guess i get too free
and fly too high
and perhaps it seems
i am laughing at illusions

so it seems that having
too much fun
causes doubt in others joy
so i'm used to being alone

sitting by myself
where every moment is
seen exactly as it is

Seeach! (See each)

all in all

one is one

today is forever

Eternal Sun!

Life has been living

long before a you and a me

Life has been giving

long before a she and a he!

Come now, one in the middle

see each side as true

cast away the ignorant riddle

and be YOU!

Monday, September 28, 2009

blessed are the foolish for they follow no pattern

blessed are the innocent for they claim no future

blessed are the speechless for they create no confusion

blessed are the needy for they create willingness to serve

blessed are the blessed for they are chosen by Life

Saturday, September 26, 2009

today i am flying
in awareness
i am everywhere
there is no central locality
that i feel to be my own

today i am crying
so much is rising
in consciousness
without knowing itself
or feeling unity

today i am dying
all patterns have fallen
all doubts forgotten
all criticism cooled
only heart open focus

today i am trying
to be all that is now
to be echoless action
to be of use to you
to be only being

poetic words that come thru unrehearsed

a dried up leaf danced in the wind while dangling from a spider web and was happy