Monday, December 7, 2009

i'm not giving up anything
things are giving me up

sometimes we imagine we have free will
and then we realize that we are not the doer

so Life takes care to move us
like birds landing on a wire

squirrels standing upside down on tree trunks
dog's burrying bones and digging them up again

so Life is behind every action
not the individual mind

and that which Life rises from is Omnipresent
so every possible choice is already forseen

so twenty years from now is seen and known
and that action that will allow the distant future 

to play out as invisioned by the Omnipresent Eye
will happen according to Life's design

Thursday, November 5, 2009

like soot cleared from the chimney

tar from the lungs
remove the residue from the heart

the moments of pain and dissapointment that linger and flare up now and again
sweep the hall way of heart and dust away all the cobwebs of

unfulfiled promises and broken dreams

disassemble the expectation machine

and toss away every last nut and bolt

we've made it this far and there is no going back

not even for a visit

there is only here now

and like a river discharging into Ocean

the only way to be is flow

there is no one to generate new desire

so the old desires stored in the heart will have to play out

moving the body here and there

but we know beyond a shadow of a doubt

that we are not the body

so this residue will be the cause of past karmas

but no new karmas will be created

if we do the required dusting every day

no build up

no cover up

no denial

honesty, integrity, courage

this is the nature of being pure heart

what is a poem but a group of words

and a word but a group of letters

what is a letter but a means to a word

and a word is but a symbol for something that IS

so a poem might share an experience

that we can all relate to

a human experience, a story of birth, life, and death

begining, middle, and end

but what if death comes first, then birth, then living--

what if we have it all twisted around and backwards

are we humans experiencing the eternal Self

or the eternal Self experiencing being human--

the question rises in the mind of each one

each one being the same beyond form

the question is an invitation to meet yourself

somewhere between asking and knowing

inbetween breath and thought

beyond time and space

Thursday, October 15, 2009

life is but a moment

all happening now

never held to any limitation

with or without our consent life

is perfect

beyond our thoughts

right here

in being and living

Self is realized


thru surrender

and in action

inaction is the same

all is the Eternal Self

devoid of a particular point of view

unlimited, unbound, unspoken

freedom from freedom and bondage

from all duality

in unity Self is met

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It is has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words
and is possible to create a picture with words- i've heard.
if we close our eyes and look into inner space
what image comes to depict the Eternal race ?
human, angel, alien, God-divine,
or formless light in perfect shine ?
what i see looks much like sky of stars at night,
with a glowing heart centered in calm delight.
can you see this Infinite Heart with your mind's eye,
and feel for certain that all is connected beyond 'I' ?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If you want to be perfect in every way
then be simple like a strand of hay
if you want to be completely free
then be like a child who is hap-py
if you want to be held in high respect
then always be steady and have no sex
if wisdom is what you truly seek
be humble, gentle, and ever meek
but if you will not settle for less than Truth
in some moments you just may be uncouth!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

you say you surrender

hos can it be so

the one speaking imagines that it has a choice

life chooses to reveal itself

there is nothing you can do

even the effort you make is life making the effort

who can say; i surrender, the shadow on the wall?

who does the work, life does

so where is the question of process or surrender or realization

it is only in the one who claims its existence

but life makes no claims, life flows effortlessly

if you find yourself making plans for tomorrow

it is a good indication that life letting you feel like the doer

and so what

let it

trust that you will feel like you are the doer until you don't

all the actions that are prepared for you will happen

regardless of what you have to say about them

so take a step back from your process and see where life is pointing to Itself

such a mysterious is this Grace

which comes like a slight breeze of simplicity

in an unexpected way